Bob Golding’s Morecambe plays The Dunstable Grove Theatre


England will be on the telly later on Saturday night but, as a pre-world cup warm-up, enjoy Bob Golding’s tribute to comedian and mad Hatters’ fan, Eric Morecambe at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre.

You only have to mention the name Eric Morecambe and a smile lights up the faces all around you.

He was a comic genius, a master of timing and one half of the best-loved comedy duo ever to grace British television.

What was the man behind those iconic black glasses really like?

See Tim Whitnall’s Olivier award-winning play Morecambe to find out about the funniest man in the business and a comedy legend.

His comedy wasn’t slapstick, rude or reliant on word-play – it was simply the fact that he was a funny man who could, with one look, have television audiences rolling around in laughter.

His persona inspired many comedians who came after him, such as Victoria Wood, Jack Dee and Miranda Hart.

Without him the world of comedy would have been a much duller place. Now Bob Golding is authentically recreating the manner and comedic flare of the Eric Morecambe.

This moving and often hilarious production is the nearest you will get to seeing the man who delivered the famous line – as an ambulance sped by – “He’s not going to sell much ice-cream going at that speed, is he?”

Why has he remained so popular? Maybe it’s because secretly we all want to be a bit like Eric Morecambe.

Don’t miss your chance to see this laughter-inducing, heart-warming and side-splitting tale of the man what brought us the sunshine!

Playing at The Grove Theatre for just one night, Saturday June 14 at 7.30pm.

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