Class, canapés & cults. Jack Stanley’s Catastrophists comes to White Bear Theatre

“You’re just quietly preparing for civilisation to collapse and really, we couldn’t ask for anything more as neighbours”

Jack Stanley’s darkly comic debut play Catastrophists, about class, canapés and cults in the Cotswolds, comes to London’s White Bear Theatre next week.

Stanley is a member of the award-winning Soho Theatre’s Writer’s Lab which has produced some of the most exciting young voices in contemporary British theatre.

Raf and Harry have well-paid jobs, a lovely semi in leafy Barnes and a brand new second residence in the heart of Wiltshire.

In the neighbouring field, Claudia and Peter have a chewed up vegetable patch, a carbon-neutral yurt complex and an absolute conviction that the apocalypse is imminent.

Raf and Harry invite Claudia and Peter over for an apology meal after a misguided midnight call of nature in the field.

But pleasantries soon switch to politics and the pulled pork is replaced by pulling punches when the hosts start testing the commune members’ commitment to their cause.

The consequences prove to be apocalyptic as the night descends into all-out anarchy.

In an uncertain age where the threat of global disaster continues to linger, Catastrophists is a darkly comic play all about class, cooking and communes – and whether any of us are quite as civilised as we like to think we are.

Catastrophists, directed by Cameron Cook, stars Elizabeth Donnelly, Alexander Stutt, Patsy Blower and Edmund Dehn, and runs at the White Bear Theatre from August 8-26.

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