Cobblers’ story a promenade theatrical experience at Sixfields Stadium

The highs and lows of Northampton Football Club are told in a unique on-site promendade production, The Twelfth Player from the town’s Royal & Derngate Theatre.

A unique collaboration between Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Royal & Derngate and The Cobblers has created an interactive, family-friendly, multi-media performance to tell the stories of three generations of fans.

Audience members will be guided around Sixfields football stadium via film and headphones, in groups of up to four, as they observe a unique site-specific performance, simultaneously taking place in the real world and on an iPod screen.

They will experience the highs and lows of the past seventy years of the club’s history, viewing the passionate world of football through the eyes of three generations of a family of Northampton Town Football Club’s supporters.

And they will travel behind the scenes on a 40 minute walking tour around the Cobblers’ iconic Sixfields Stadium.

During the eventful past couple of years, artistic directors Susanne Thomas and Sophie Jump have researched the football club’s history and met many of those who have helped to define it.

They have spoken with a wide range of people, from staff and fans, to players and the volunteer mascot Clarence, to draw out their individual experiences and gain a unique perspective on what matters to the Cobblers and their fans.

Film cast: Jessica Boyde, David Charles, Adele Steward, Charlie Townsend, Stefania Pinato and Lucy Cambell.

Live cast: Giulia Lurza, Linzy Nakorn, Stefania Pinato and Lauren Stewart.

The Twelfth Player runs at Sixfields Stadium from Thursday 22 June to Wednesday 12 July (no performances on Mondays).

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