Conti and Seagrove commit to Murder On Air

Tom Conti

Milton Keynes Theatre is filling the vacancy caused by the collapse of the Duty Free tour with a novel production from Bill Kenwright’s acclaimed Agatha Christie Company.

Murder On Air is a collection of three thrilling radio plays written by the mistress of crime.

Radio? I said it was novel. The concept works surprisingly well on stage as anyone who enjoyed the Hitchkiker’s Guide To The Galaxy tour.

Tom Conti, straight out of the West End smash hit, Twelve Angry Men, and Jenny Seagrove lead a full supporting company and they perform in a 1930s studio set complete with sound effects and terribly well spoken BBC voices. Gosh it will be refreshing to hear proper pronunciation.

The company has had huge success with its star-studded productions of The Hollow, The Unexpected Guest, And Then There Were None, Spider’s Web, Witness for the Prosecution, Verdict, Murder on the Nile, Go Back For Murder and most recently with this year’s triumph Black Coffee.

So sit back and enjoy the nostalgia of 1930s BBC Radio Drama, live on stage.

Murder On Air runs from July 28-30

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