Controversial drama at Charing Cross Theatre with Truth, Lies, Diana

Kim Tiddy & Jon Conway in Truth, Lies, Diana. Photo Bill Hughes.
Kim Tiddy & Jon Conway in Truth, Lies, Diana. Photo Bill Hughes.

Truth, Lies, Diana is a unique, ground-breaking, ‘factional’ drama written and starring Jon Conway which makes its UK debut at Charing Cross Theatre in January.

The play claims to contain sensational new information about the death of Princess Diana and is sure to re-open the controversy surrounding the tragedy.

This is the story of Ray, a playwright who uncovers secrets about Diana and her death, that the Establishment have tried to keep hidden.

His personal life starts to unravel when he suspects the wife he is devoted is being unfaithful.

The play charts his descent into paranoia as he has to decide what to do with the truths that confront him.

Jon conducted meticulous forensic research, based on a series of books by investigative journalist John Morgan, uncovering, in the process, revelations from previously silent sources.

The play uses the actual words spoken by a cast of characters including the British Royal Family, Piers Morgan, Paul Burrell, James Hewitt, Mohammed Al Fayed, members of MI5, the British and French police and witnesses to the crash.

With fresh access to police witness statements, medical records and court transcripts, the ‘play within a play’ format presents the incredible set of coincidences surrounding the ‘unlawful killing’ verdict of Diana’s death.

Said Jon: “I would never have thought to write this play three years ago.

“I assumed the conspiracy theories were just that.

“But then Hillsborough revealed an inquest cover-up; Jimmy Savile witnesses, who were derided as unreliable for years, were now believed; and the Stephen Lawrence murder was not properly investigated and a parent then smeared.

“I read the Leveson Report and saw the phone hacking scandal that exposed some parts of the media and police as corrupt and in collusion.

“Edward Snowden revealed that MI6 spied on everyone; Plebgate showed that even MPs are not safe from lies; and then, shockingly, we saw how so many child abuse scandals have been covered up for years.

“I asked myself not, was Diana murdered, but do we trust the Establishment to tell us the truth?

“I read 7,000 pages of evidence and came to the conclusion: ‘Everything up until the crash looks like an accident, everything after looks like a cover-up.’

“Diana seems to have been air-brushed from history, but not by a public, who don’t want to believe the Establishment anymore.”

Truth, Lies, Diana was originally produced off-Broadway for a press-embargoed try-out in 2013.

Jon will star as Ray opposite Kim Tiddy (The Bill, Hollyoaks) as Ray’s wife, Suzy and Debbie Arnold (EastEnders) will play Gina, a journalist.

Truth, Lies, Diana runs at the Charing Cross Theatre, London, from January 9-February 14.

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