Cult sci-fi hit Solaris sets course for Lyric Hammersmith

Solaris. Photos by Mihaela Bodlovic

Rachel O’Riordan’s debut season as artistic director at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre continues with the smash hit, sci-fi, psychological thriller, Solaris.

On a space station orbiting Solaris, three scientists have made contact with a new planet.

Sent from earth to investigate reports of abnormal activity on-board, Kris Kelvin arrives to find one crew member dead and two who are seeing things that cannot be explained.

When her dead lover appears to her, it seems she too has fallen victim to the mystery of this strange planet. Should she return to reality, or is this her chance to turn back time?

Have the crew been studying Solaris – or has it been studying them?

Solaris has been written by Royal Lyceum’s artistic director, David Greig and is directed by Malthouse Theatre’s artistic director, Matthew Lutton.

The production is an adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s cult science fiction novel and was first performed at the Malthouse Theatre, in Melbourne, earlier this year.

It then transferred to the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, where it is currently playing until this Saturday.

Speaking of the production, writer David Greig said: “The premise is simple: there are three scientists on a space station orbiting a great planet.

“A psychologist arrives to check on their well-being and strange things start to happen. Is the planet communicating with them? Or are they imagining it? Is it a god? Or a demon? Or a child?”

Polly Frame plays the lead role of Kris Kelvin. Matrix & Lord of the Rings actor, Hugo Weaving features, via video, as Gibarian, the ill-fated doctor whose love and fascination for the strange planet, Solaris, causes his mysterious demise.

The international cast, includes Jade Ogugua,  Keegan Joyce and Fode Simbo.

Solaris transfers to the Lyric Hammersmith from October 10, playing until November 2.

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