Cyber-tech Darknet breaches privacy in tense drama to Southwark Playhouse


Darknet probes the murky world cyber-technology in a high-tech drama opening at London’s Southwark Playhouse next month.

Potential Difference’s première of Darknet, a new play by Rose Lewenstein reunites director, Russell Bender and its writer for their third collaboration. It opens April 18 with previews from April 14.

“You’re not even a fully formed person yet. Your face is still changing and your bones are still growing but already there’s a detailed map of your personality out there and companies you’ve never heard of are getting rich off it.”

Welcome to Octopus Inc., the internet giant that allows users to exchange personal data for currency. But not everyone is prepared to sacrifice their privacy for an easier life.

A teenager subverts the system in an attempt to save her mother. A visionary tech exec takes shortcuts to get ahead. A convicted cybercriminal chooses between two kinds of freedom.

Darknet navigates the hyper-linked world of data transparency and the uncharted deep web, uncovering the things we share and the places we hide. The production has been developed with input from top academics, journalists and specialists working in technology, cybersecurity and online behaviour.

The drama has been developed over the past three years by Lewenstein and Bender with the couple working closely on each stage of research, writing and development workshops.

Rose Lewenstein has been a member of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme and their subsequent groups, including the 2012 Supergroup.

Her first play Ain’t No Law Against Fish ‘N’ Chips received a staged reading at the Royal Court Young Writers Festival. Her other credits include Now This Is Not The End (Arcola Theatre), Game Of Life (Yard Theatre), Only Human (Theatre 503),Entries On Love (Rich Mix).

Darknet runs at Southwark Playhouse from April 18-May 7.

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