Dennis Potter’s shock Brimstone and Treacle opens The Hope Theatre in-house season

The Hope Theatre, presents the first in-house show of 2017 and its award-winning artistic director, Matthew Parker, has opted for one of the most disturbing and controversial plays of the late twentieth century.

Dennis Potter’s unnerving drama, Brimstone and Treacle, caused an uproar when it was first written in the 1970s. The work had been intended for BBC TV’s Play For Today series but was banned due to its shocking and disturbing content and not transmitted for another 11 years.

Today the work’s depiction of an England as a powder keg of prejudice and fear is more relevant than ever.

Intense and macabre, prophetic and darkly funny, the infamous Brimstone and Treacle exposes the horror lurking behind the chintz and gentility of Middle England.

Behind floral curtains Mr and Mrs Bates care for their daughter, left terribly injured and insensible following a car crash. A charming young visitor, with a silver tongue, gate-crashes their lives, but is he their saviour, a thief or the Devil incarnate?

Following a critically acclaimed and award-winning 2016 season of in-house productions The Hope Theatre brings this claustrophobic and divisive play to life with pitch-black humour and a whiff of sulphur.

Brimstone and Treacle is directed by Matthew Parker, and stars Olivia Beardsley (The Babadook), Stephanie Beattie (Steel Magnolias), Fergus Leathem (Game of Thrones) and Paul Clayton (Peep Show, Him & Her).

It runs at The Hope Theatre, Islington, North London from Tuesday (May 2) until May 20.

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