Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Preview

Savoy Theatre London

Hold onto your purses ladies because Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Lawrence and Freddie are turning on the charm in a slick and stylish comedy crime caper just opened in London’s West End.

The show is tailor-made for the Art-Deco designed Savoy Theatre. The comedy is top drawer fizz and stars the irrepressible Robert Lindsay and One Man Two Guvnor’s Rufus Hound.

Robert Lindsay is sublime as the silver-tongued and suave and conman Lawrence Jameson.

The actor, who is returning to stage musicals after more than 15 years, is a class act and effortlessly slips into the role of a louche seducer and shyster.

As Lawrence he affects a posh voice (at one point doing a spot-on impersonation of Prince Charles) to butter up the rich broads who holiday on the French Riviera.

But he’s getting jaded -until his interest is piqued when a new player, who he suspects is a notorious thief called The Jackel, arrives in town.

Down-at-heel American grifter Freddy Benson rolls out a sob story and a hangdog expression to fleece his victims and he begs the debonair master for a few pointers.

Freddy (Rufus Hound) helps Lawrence out of a fix. In return he wants a slice of the action.

But is the Croisette big enough for the both of them?

The men have a $50,000 winner-takes-all bet on who can land rich society heiress Christine Colgate.

The talented Katherine Kingsley (Singin’ In The Rain) plays the not-so-dumb blonde bimbo who finds herself torn between the two men.

Bubbling along nicely is a second story about a burgeoning love affair between former Jameson victim, Surrey divorcee Muriel (the beautiful, wonderfully dressed and under-used Samantha Bond) and corrupt police chief Andre (Doc Martin’s John Marquez).

This glittering Broadway production is loosely based on the 1988 Hollywood movie of the same name that starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin.

It was transformed into a musical by Jeffrey Lane and David Yazbek and has now been tweaked for British audiences.

The revival is a truly glamorous affair, boasting the sort of extravagance rarely seen in modern productions.

The Balmy South of France has been marvellously recreated with a stunning Peter McKintosh Art-Deco set and the costumes are drop-dead-gorgeous.

It’s delightfully witty with the quips slickly dispatched by the ensemble. The second half takes up where the first act finished before the break.

“Didn’t we do this scene already?” Complains Bond.

The knockabout comedy is left in the capable hands of Hound, fast becoming the go-to guy for physical humour.

Running at The Savoy Theatre. For tickets and times call the box office 0844 871 7627 or buy from TheatreTicketsDirect.co.uk or LondonTheatreDirect.com

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