Elephant Man in London premiere at Brockley Jack

Daniel Chrisostomou & Ami Sayers in Fourth Monkey's Elephant Man. Image StueyB
Daniel Chrisostomou & Ami Sayers in Fourth Monkey’s Elephant Man. Image StueyB

Fourth Monkey return to the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre in February with a play that’s very much in the news at the moment thanks to Bradley Cooper’s star turn on Broadway.

No Hollywood superstars in this but an enthralling production from the Fourth Monkey Ensemble nonetheless. Elephant Man comes from the same company that that brought the much-acclaimed The Peculiar Tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa to the Jack in 2014.

This new production of Elephant Man is continuing the second half of its national tour with a London premiere at the Jack Studio Theatre from Feb 3-21.

Inspired by the iconic David Lynch film and the true story of Joseph Merrick, Elephant Man was written by Fourth Monkey’s artistic director Steven Green, and has received numerous award nominations, including being shortlisted for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression award.

The story had a sell-out run at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe and its subsequent British tour.

Daniel Chrisostomou delivers an electrifying performance as Merrick, who owes his existence to those who exploit his horrible deformities for their own ends.

But as he sits silently under curious stares, it is the world around him that appears grotesque.

Cast: Daniel Chrisostomou, Scott McGarrick, Ami Sayers, Adam Trussell, Katherine Turner.

2015 Tour Dates

February 3-21, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, South London
February 26-27, The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury
March 6, The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
March 25-26, The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford
March 27, The Dorchester Arts Centre, Dorchester
March 28, The Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport.

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