German satire Leonce & Lena set for Brockley Jack

leonce & lena

Georg Buchner’s satire about society’s absurdities, Leonce and Lena, gets an outing at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre next month.

The dark comedy is filled with a host of characters consumed with ideals of love, power and adventure. Leonce and Lena both flee an arranged royal marriage (to each other) only to meet and fall in love.

It’s witty and charming, and just a bit romantic, while probing just how much fate plays in deciding our futures.

Leonce is the prince of the Kingdom of Popo. Lena is the princess of Pipi.

To escape an arranged marriage, both decide to run away. But in the woods between the two kingdoms, nothing is quite what it seems.

The more the runaways try to escape their fate, the more they find themselves right back in its grip.

Nineteenth century writer Georg Buchner died when he was only 23-years-old but his place in German literature is monumental.

As a writer who fought for the rights of under-privileged people, Buchner was a fearless precursor of those who fight to protect human rights and social equality.

The newly formed Kuentos Theatre company is staging Corinna Duemler’s new adaptation of Leonce and Lena at the Jack from August 18-29.

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