Growing old disgracefully with The Golden F**king Years at Jack Studio Theatre

The Golden F**king Years is a hilarious new play coming to South London’s Brockley Jack Studio Theatre later this month about getting old, moving abroad and the consequences of spontaneous behaviour.

Helen and Gordon spend their retirement on their Mediterranean balcony, reading and drinking gin – quite a lot of it.

Both have moments of dissatisfaction. Is this life changing or merely boredom brought on by age and inactivity?

When a younger woman appears in their lives, their comfortable existence is blown apart in an
unexpected fashion.

Sex, alcohol and physical mayhem have dangerous repercussions for all.

The Golden F**king Years, actor Adrian McLoughlin’s debut play, takes a look at how people behave – and how others expect them to behave – as they age.

It stars McLoughlin himself along with Deborah Maclaren and Anneli Page.

McLoughlin, whose production company, Vital Signs, is co-producing with Andrew Livingstone Productions, said: “The aim of Vital Signs, and the plays that we put on, is to shift the stereotyping which puts older people into patterns of behaviour that are limited to the elderly.

“The real world is a far cry from this and we want to show that and help alter that perception in positive and entertaining ways.

“Older people, by definition, have been around longer – but may not necessarily be wiser.

“In a so called ‘ageing society’ Vital Signs Productions is challenging the perception that age dictates behaviour”.

Running at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre from April 17 – 28.

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