Hollywood glamour for premiere of Ruby In The Dust’s The Last Tycoon

the last tycoon

Ruby In The Dust’s love affair with F Scott Fitzgerald continues with his unfinished masterpiece, a thrilling power struggle set amid the Hollywood film industry called The Last Tycoon.

Adapted for the stage by Simon Levy and directed by Linnie Reedman, The Last Tycoon charts the story of a movie mogul on the slide during an era darkened by the Depression and the rising militancy of the screenwriters’ unions.

Monroe Stahr, the “Boy Wonder,” is a man obsessed – with movies, with illusion, with the memory of his dead wife and with Shakespeare.

When an earthquake nearly destroys the studio, an enigmatic and mysterious Englishwoman steps out of the debris. Is she the one to save Stahr or will his latest obsession finally destroy him?

London-based theatre company, Ruby In The Dust, is staging the European premiere of The Last Tycoon, Above The Arts Theatre from August 17. It is hosting a glamorous gala night, two days later, to bring a touch of old school Hollywood pizzazz to the heart of the West End.

Ironically, like the titular hero of the novel, both great men died before finishing their masterpiece. F Scott Fitzgerald died before completing his masterly drama about Hollywood in its heyday.

It is his final, poignant farewell to the Great American Dream – a bittersweet love affair set in Never-Never Land – the 1930s and the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Fitzgerald modelled Monroe Stahr on the historic film producer, Irving Thalberg. The story follows Stahr’s rise to power in Hollywood and his conflicts with rival Pat Brady (based on prominent studio head Louis B. Mayer).

With music from the period and a mixture of period and original film footage, this tale evokes the nostalgia of a lost age and lost dreams. A journey into the literal and metaphorical heart of a great man.

Cast: Simon Victor, EJ Martin, Lewis Rae, Gary Heron, Stephanie Martin, James Lloyd, Oliver Stanley, Tristan Pegg and Hero Douglas, making her professional debut.

The Last Tycoon runs at Above The Arts Theatre from August 17 – September 10.

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