Impossible brings magic to London’s Noël Coward Theatre


Do you believe in magic? Well you will after being enchanted by a spellbinding new show opening at London’s Noël Coward Theatre next week.

Impossible is billed as the greatest magic show on earth. Featuring a stunning range of magical artistry, from astonishing acts of epic proportions to dumbfounding up-close sleight of hand, be ready to be mesmerized and baffled by these incredible illusionists.

The confirmed line-up includes: modern-day Houdini, daredevil and TV escapologist Jonathan Goodwin; mind-blowing mind-reader Chris Cox; sophisticated sorceress Katherine Mills; boundary breaking magician Ben Hart; spell-binding digital marvel Jamie Allan; sleight of hand master Ali Cook and world-renowned grand illusionist Luis de Matos.


Daredevil and TV Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin will have audiences on the edge of their seats as he dances with death on stage.

Goodwin has brought his unique stunts to various TV specials including The Seven Stupidest Things to Escape From and How Not to Become Shark Bait!

In his television series The Incredible Mr Goodwin, he pushes the limits of possibility with stunts that range from extreme planking to climbing skyscrapers.

Modern day Houdini, Jamie Allen fuses magic and technology together to create spell binding stunts that captivate the contemporary audience while Chris Cox, star of BBC 3’s Killer Magic, bewilders audiences with his unique mind reading talent.

Ben Hart tests the limits of illusion, including decapitation, vanishing and levitation and Magic Circle member, Katherine Mills, is the first female magician ever with her own primetime TV series, Mind Games.

Ali Cook is a daredevil escapologist, sleight of hand expert, street magician, stage illusionist and performer of thought control.

Portuguese master magician and grand illusionist, Luis de Matos, is known for his trail-blazing stunts and ability to make cars disappear.

Impossible runs at Noël Coward Theatre, St Martin’s Lane, from Friday until August 29.

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