Ivy and Joan share heartaches at Jermyn Street Theatre

Ivy and Joan

Everyone is different, but every broken heart is the same. Ivy and Joan never meet. They do not know each other. They have nothing in common except a lifetime without love.

This January, Jermyn Street Theatre kicks off its 21st anniversary year with two plays by James Hogan.

Ivy and Joan explore the lives of two separate women as they enter into a new chapter.

The world is changing around them and, as they cling hopelessly onto long held dreams, they are being left behind.

Ivy is a waitress in a Blackpool hotel whose glory days are in the past. A new management team has stepped in to change its failing fortunes buy Ivy, like the tatty fixtures and fittings around her, soon finds out that her presence is surplus to requirements.

The hotel that has been her life no longer wants her and now it is time to move on.

Buoyed by the futile hope of the long lost love of her life returning to marry her, she prepares to step out into the harsh reality of the outside world.

Joan, an amateur painter, travels to Venice, the city of dreams, but her dreams end there.

She loses herself in fantasies of a new life, a life that will offer her an escape from her loveless marriage and the drabness of the everyday and a new start of art, culture and the finer things.

Deep in her reverie, she does not notice as her world starts crumbling around her.

Lost in the abyss of loneliness, both women can still smile. But what lies hidden beyond a brave face?

Starring Lynne Miller (The Bill’s Cathy Marshall) Jack Klaff (Star Wars, For Your Eyes Only), Ivy and Joan explore what it is to live in a fast changing world and being unable to keep up, to hold onto dreams and not realise that they will stay as dreams forever.

Above all they are tender and funny portraits of two lives lived in fantasy as time is passing and the chances of finding happiness are
fading away.

Ivy and Joan runs from January 6 – 24.

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