Kafka and comedy heading to Brockley Jack Studio Theatre


Brockley’s Jack Studio Theatre, in South London, continues to impress with the variety of its output. It has lined up short runs of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, adapted by its resident playwright, Howard Colyer, and an irreverent comedy, The Gospel According to Philip for later this month.

The successful and respected Joseph K is arrested on his 30th birthday, but for what crime?

At a time when governments can snatch suspected dissidents off the streets and hold them indefinitely through the shadowy process of rendition, this hard-hitting piece is as relevant today as when it was written a century ago.

Howard Colyer returns to the Jack with Kafka’s The Trial, adapted as a dramatic monologue and starring Brendan O’Rourke whose screen and stage credits include Game of Thrones; Five Guys for Theatre 503 and The Red Suitcase at Southwark Playhouse.

Colyer’s re-imagining of this famous text places K in his prison cell one year on from his arrest.

Within the confines of these four walls he grapples with the confounding events which have driven him to the brink of insanity and now leave him facing possible execution.

Triple Jump Productions’ production of The Trial plays from August 23-27.


In complete contrast Arrows & Traps Theatre is staging Richard Melchior & Heidi Svoboda’s The Gospel According to Philip.

Jesus is trying to organise his Lord of the Dance 30AD tour, but he can’t keep control of the disciples.

Judas and Peter can’t stop bickering. Paul is struggling with his sexuality. Matthew has some awkward questions regarding religion, and James is utterly bewildered.

But thankfully it is all being doggedly written down by Philip who is desperate to become a proper disciple.

This vibrant, hilarious and poignant comedy is the greatest story ever told – well, a bit of it.

Making its premiere at the Jack, The Gospel According to Philip, stars Elle Banstead-Salim, Adam Elliott, Olivia Hanrahan-Barnes, Matthew Harrison-James, Gareth Kearns, Will Mytum, Pearce Sampson, Tom Telford and Alex Stevens.

Running August 30- September 3.

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