London Theatre Workshop premieres Freddie, Ted and the Death of Joe Orton

Don Cotter’s new play, Freddie, Ted and the Death of Joe Orton, premieres at London Theatre Workshop next month.

Starring Robert Styles, Eion McAndrew, Helen Sheals and Perry Meadowcroft, the production will be directed by Ray Rackham.

Developed through London Theatre Workshop’s Theatre Lab, and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales; this tragi-comedy is an exciting new play from an emerging new playwright.

Freddie, Ted, and the Death of Joe Orton examines the devastating impact of a shift in the balance of power between two men, at a time when homosexuality was considered both a crime and a form of illness requiring medical treatment.

Set in 1960s Brighton, middle-aged Freddie, suffering from undiagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, has inherited the three-bed house which he now shares with his younger partner, the aspiring musician, Ted.

Freddie intercepts a life-changing letter, addressed to Ted, and his fragile hold on reality begins to crumble.

Ray Rackham directs Don Cotter’s nostalgic third full length play, depicting a time when Mods and Rockers fought for supremacy across the seafronts of Britain, the government sought to close down off-shore pirate radio stations; homosexuality was illegal and playwright Joe Orton was killed.

But that’s how things used to be.

It’s 1967. We’re legal now. No more living in fear. No more waiting for the dreaded knock upon the door.

Times are changing for the better, Freddie, and we have to change with them. That’s why I’m catching that train tomorrow. And that’s why you have to let me.

Freddie, Ted and the Death of Joe Orton runs at the London Theatre Workshop from November 27 to December 16.

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