Long Story Short in media savvy transfer to Charing Cross Theatre

Long Story Short Hi Res JPEG

Long Story Short, pitches itself into the high-octane turmoil of the modern media world, in a transfer to Charing Cross Theatre next month.

A cast of eight play multiple roles in an original production that plunges audiences into the modern media world and captures the desperation of a 16-year-old as he tries to find his missing brother.

Our lives are getting shorter. We live in a world of Wikipedia, Tinder chats and Twitter feeds – an information age of anything, anytime.

With traditional newspapers in decline and journalists in the dock, we’re fast losing faith in the institutions we once trusted… and becoming our own citizen reporters.

Long Story Short, by Andrew Whyment, Lee Anderson and Adam Foster, looks art the ever-increasing speed of our digital lives and illuminates the implications of such a climate asking, “what’s next?”.

This episodic, multi-stranded show is vibrantly staged with Squint’s trademark cocktail of original drama, live music and ensemble-driven storytelling.

The writers of Long Story Short spent research time inside ITN and BBC newsrooms and interviewed a number of professional journalists.

Cast: Kevin Phelan, Cole Edwards, Louisa Roberts, Cliodhna McCorley, Tom Gordon, Fern McCauley, Eva-Jane Willis .

Long Story Short runs from Sept 15-October 11.

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