Love and power plays in Berenice at London’s The Space


A modern translation of Racine’s Berenice is playing at East London’s The Space until Sunday.

Racine’s masterpiece about a tragic love triangle is timeless portrayal of ill-fated passion.

This daring modern adaptation, with original music and an immersive design, reimagines Racine’s classic in a world of ever-present media and manipulative spin doctors.

Dreamcatcher Theatre’s production, translated by Fay Lomas, stars Alisa Joy, Ally Manson, Matthew Milner and Jessica Tomlinson.

It is set in 2050 when a brutal civil war has destroyed both the royal family and democracy.

The United Republic is ruled by a Supreme President, Titus but, in a world where any relationship with royalty is political suicide, Titus finds himself in love with Berenice, a foreign queen.

Trapped between the two lovers is Antiochus, best friend and ally to both – and secretly in love with Berenice.

Dreamcatcher Theatre is a new company dedicated to creating fresh, creative interpretations of classics, particularly French classics.

Berenice is playing at The Space, West Ferry Road , London, until Sunday.

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