Love, death and war in Antigone at Royal & Derngate


Royal & Derngate’s community group The Actors Company present their contemporary staging of Sophocles’ Ancient Greek play Antigone on July 18/19 on the Royal stage.

A state ravaged by war is reborn under the tyrannical rule of King Creon.

Demonstrating his power over the citizens of Thebes, Creon declares that two warrior brothers are divided in death – one an honoured hero and the other a traitor – to be left unburied and unsanctified for carrion birds to devour.

Defying the King’s edict, Antigone buries her brother’s body, challenging the social and political hierarchy with tragic consequences for all.

Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone explores the question of state control versus individual will and the power of love over law in a dramatic story that still resonates today.

The play is translated by E.F. Watling and directed by Trudy A Bell.

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