Mercury Theatre gets its teeth into Dracula


West End and Edinburgh Fringe sensations, The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, return to the Mercury Theatre, Colchester to get their teeth into a co-production of Dracula – as you’ve never heard it before!

Directed by Cal McCrystal, the man responsible for the hilarious physical comedy in the National Theatre’s hit One Man, Two Guvnors, and physical comedy consultant on the Columbia Pictures movie The Amazing Spiderman 2, this is Dracula with a bite.

Clutch your crucifix and grasp your garlic as you are invited to take the role of the studio audience whilst Fitzrovia recreate the glamour of a 1930s BBC radio play live on stage.

This type of performance has already proved successful with Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Agatha Christie Company’s Murder On Air.

With horror and hilarity in equal measure, and backed by a host of bizarrely created sound effects using everyday household objects including staplers, hairdryers and the ever faithful cabbage, Fitzrovia bring their own unique, chauvinist style to this classic horror.

Audiences get a glimpse into what it was like to make a radio production in the 1930s, not only with the on-air action, but with the off-mic clashes of the performers.

Think you know the story of Dracula? Think again!

Cal says: “Dracula is such a classic story that everybody feels they know it, but it’s also perfect to be subverted into something comic.

“We are making it as scary as it should be, but very funny at the same time. We’ll give audiences a glimpse into what it was like to make a radio production in the 1930s, while taking the liberties we need to get a laugh.

“We have an amazing cast for this show; The Fitzrovia Radio Hour are fantastic at what they do and when you team them up with Joanna Wake, a veteran of radio plays, and David Benson from One Man, Two Guvnors, you have comedy gold.”

Starring alongside Joanna and David will be Fitzrovians Jon Edgley Bond, Tom Mallaburn, Fiona Sheehan and Dan Starkey.

Dan is most notably known for his role as Strax in the BBC series Doctor Who.

Dracula runs from October 30 – November 15.

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