Middleton’s bawdy A Mad World My Masters heads to Barbican

Ben Deery in A Mad World My Masters. Photos Manuel Harlan.
Ben Deery in A Mad World My Masters. Photos Manuel Harlan.

English Touring Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company are taking Thomas Middleton’s bawdy romp A Mad World My Masters on tour before moving into London’s Barbican this spring.

Directed by Sean Foley, the production proved a huge success at The RSC in 2013.

Set in the sleazy underworld of 1950s Soho. The war is over and the class system is breaking down. Lords and prostitutes mingle in the alleys. Jive and jazz fill the clubs of London’s West End and none more so than Soho’s infamous Flamingo Club.

Amid the grit, grime and glamour, charming, cash-strapped bachelor Richard Follywit is out for all he can steal. The target? His rich, disapproving uncle Sir Bounteous Peersucker.

Follywit and his friends, disguised as ‘Lord Owemuch’ and cohorts, set out on an extravagant plan to trick as much money out of his unwitting uncle as possible. But Follywit’s tricks and robberies don’t always end as planned.

Meanwhile Mr Penitent Brothel just can’t get the beautiful Mrs Littledick out his head. He decides he must have her. Unfortunately her extremely jealous husband stands in the way.

With the help of Miss Truly Kidman (a prostitute and Sir Bounteous’ mistress) Penitent Brothel concocts a cunning ruse to free Mrs Littledick from her husband and get her all to himself.

Cast: Charlie Archer, Joe Bannister, Ellie Beaven, Ishia Bennison,
Christopher Chilton, Ben Deery, Dennis Herdman, Linda John Pierre,
Pearl Mackie, Lois Meleri-Jones, Lee Mengo, Michael Moreland, Nicholas Prasad, Sarah Quist, Ian Redford, Sarah Ridgeway, David Rubin, Bertie Taylor-Smith
and Jonny Weldon.

2015 Tour Dates:

March 10-14, Theatre Royal Brighton
March 24-28, Malvern Theatres
March 31-April 4, Hall for Cornwall (Truro)
April 7-11, Theatre Royal Bath
April 14-18, Darlington Civic Theatre
April 21-25, Cambridge Arts Theatre
April 29-May 9, Barbican.

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