Nichola McAuliffe proves no dumb belle with new comedy Silver Gym

silver gym

Stage and screen actress Nichola McAuliffe has penned a new comedy, Silver Gym, which makes its début at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch next month.

Glen Walford directs the stage comedy which features the voice of Christopher Biggins and stars the playwright.

Ex -Army captain Stella Silver is starting afresh and has just bought herself a gym. Well, it’s a building – with running water. Sometimes.

Stella’s regulars are mostly in the autumn of their years and they don’t know their bench presses from their bus passes, dumbbells from digestives. The will is there but in the way is a good cup of tea and the desire to have a laugh.

A crew of dodgy developers are trying to get their hands on the place in their drive to make a fast buck. Faced with this bunch of unscrupulous cowboys, can Stella get it together to whip the gym and her motley crew into shape?

The Silver Gym stars Nichola McAuliffe and also features the actress and stand-up comedienne Pauline Daniels. There’s a vocal cameo by showbiz icon Christopher Biggins. Joining them will be Susan Aderin, Suzanna Bygrave, Kim Ismay (star of the West End’s Mamma Mia!), Houmi Miura, Carol Sloman and Peter Straker.

Playwright and actress Nichola McAuliffe has worked extensively on both stage and screen, and she won an Olivier Award for Best Actress for her role in the musical Kiss Me Kate.

On TV she starred in the 1990s in the hospital comedy, Surgical Spirit, and has appeared on Coronation Street, doctor Who and My Family.

Nichola has written several plays and is also a successful novelist and journalist.

Pauline Daniels is an award-winning actress and comedienne who has performed across the UK and West End. On TV Pauline played Maria in Brookside

Silver Gym runs at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, from April 15-May 7.

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