Patrick Hamilton’s revamped Gaslight for London’s Playground Theatre

The autumn season at The Playground Theatre in West London continues with a radical revamp of Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight.

The First Floor Presents and Katie Berglof production of Hamilton’s iconic play challenges our views on emotional abuse and manipulation; the ease at which we can lose ourselves and our sanity.

Jemima Murphy

Producers Jemima Murphy and Katie Berglof , told Stage Review : “Gaslight is more relevant than ever as the measure of acceptable behaviour, awareness and understanding of the psychological effects of abuse, are hotly debated.

“Politicians exploit our views on Twitter,  Love Island producers push emotional boundaries and the ridiculous rules of dating drive us mad.

“We face ‘gaslighters’ from all corners of society – but can we always spot them?

“This production brings immediacy and modernity to Hamilton’s Victorian script, providing a fresh and feminist perspective as proof that we are in the midst of cultural change.”

Bella hears footsteps from the attic and objects disappear from beneath her eyes: she thinks she is losing her mind and her husband, Jack, agrees.

It isn’t until an outsider arrives that she shifts the accusations away from herself. Bella fights for control but can she discern what is real and what is false?

Gaslight, directed by Imy Wyatt Corner and starring Jemima Murphy, runs at The Playground Theatre from October 21 – November 10.

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