Perchance to dream. Hamlet returns to Bankside’s Rose Playhouse


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Yes, Shakespeare’s troubled Dane is back and this time he’s been cut down to size before he has a chance to dream.

The Rose Playhouse on London’s Bankside, is staging its production of Hamlet, squeezing the entire – usually lengthy – epic into just 90 minutes.

A treacherous fratricide has torn the veil that separates this world from the next, and the only place that seems to be even more disturbed than the haunted grounds of Elsinore is the inexplicably transformed mind of the grieving prince who sets out on a lingering vendetta.

This production seeks to journey through Shakespeare’s well-known play, focusing on the perspective of a disturbed mind, thus defying the reality-based structure of time and space, recognizing solely the inconceivable logic of a dream.

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Chris Clynes plays the sweet prince. Other casting: Suzanne Marie (Ophelia), Luke Jasztal (Horatio), Ross McNamara (Laertes), Nigel Fyfe (Claudius), Louise Templeton (Gertrude), Dermot Dolan (Polonius). It is directed by Diana Vucane.

Clynes has previously worked with Diana Vucane on a production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler in 2014.

Hamlet runs at the Rose Playhouse from February 2-26. This historic venue is frequently cold and without toilets. Make sure you wrap up and use the loos at the nearby Globe Theatre before taking your seats!

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