Powerhouse drama in wings for Vault 2017 Fest

There is a wealth of new work coming to Vault 2017, London’s answer to the Edingburgh Fringe, which opens on January 25 and runs until March 5, in The Vaults behind London’s Waterloo Station.

It kicks off with Isla van Tricht’s The Litterati, (Jan 25-29), from Shrapnel Theatre, a brand new story of riots, hedonism and human potential.

Millie lives with her girlfriend, Hattie, who works in insurance in the City. Millie wants to be a serious journalist.

Now’s her chance – she’s got to write an investigatory piece about the Litterati, a secretive and notorious community. When Millie agrees to spend a week with the enigmatic gang her world is blown open and she collides with experiences and people she can never forget.

Pushed underground by a world that didn’t want them, the Litterati live a clandestine existence so far removed from Millie’s sheltered experience of the world. But do those who fall behind always get left behind?

Writer Isla van Tricht, who is also artistic director of Shrapnel, is a regular speaker in schools and colleges around the country.

Mark Knightley and Harriet Madeley boldly go to explore themes of isolation, adulthood and the employment market in a new black comedy, Space Play, (Jan 25 – 29)staged by Brave Badger.

Meet Michael, a talented but confused figure currently selling out as the house artist of a major multi-national conglomerate.

Their new venture? Space tourism. And so Michael finds himself high up, a stranded astronaut, spinning around the earth on a solitary orbit.

Contact with earth is proving elusive, the silence mounts, the air thins and Michael fears he is failing to live up to the expectations of his profit hungry employers.

But how can you succeed when you don’t know what you’re aiming for?

Space Play focuses on a lone astronaut stranded on a disintegrating space station as he struggles to get back to Earth. The set design includes a stunning sci-fi set and projection mapping to evoke a spaceship hurtling through the cosmos.

Combining stunning sci-fi set design by Lauren Pratt (DreamThinkSpeak) and projection mapping from Martin Dewar (Complicite) this is a black comedy about adulthood, potatoes, art…and possibly some aliens.

Three Streets Productions has copped former Bill star, Mark Wingett to appear alongside Georgia Brown in her debut play about fathers and daughters, Daddy’s Girl, which plays (Jan 27/8).

“I need a good lawyer and a Dairy Milk. I’d settle with just a Dairy Milk”.

It’s Christmas, and Eliza’s got an advent calendar, a job she hates and a crashing sense of loneliness. At least the bloke with the lump on his head still cares. A bit.

Terry’s got Eliza. That’s all he’s got. That, the odd rat, and the title of Britain’s Most Dangerous Armed Robber. He misses his Lizey. He misses his daughter.

This heartfelt, heartwarming and hilarious play follows the story of Terry, banged up in prison for life, and his daughter, Eliza, a millennial struggling to find love, money and meaning.

Based on a true story, this debut play by Brown, directed by Alice Malin, is a timely and touching insight into the life of Britain’s prison population.

As an actor, Georgia Brown’s theatre work includes Carry on A Chorus of Disapproval (Sonia Friedman Productions, directed by Trevor Nunn). Television includes Coming Up (Channel 4), Blue Go Mad (ITV), Quacks (BBC Two) and The Bill (ITV).

Mark Wingett is best known for his 21 years and 784 episodes in the role of Jim Carver in The Bill. With a 38 year career of stage, film and TV work, Mark is one of the most recognisable faces in British television.

He has appeared in the UK’s most popular TV programmes, including Eastenders, Heatbeat, Hollyoaks, Missing and Doctors.

Old Sole Theatre Company, currently wowing audiences at the Tristan Bates Theatre with the war drama, Glockenspiel, is staging Tristan Bernays’ Testament (Feb 22-26).

Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson and produced by Darius Thompson, Testament presents four overlooked biblical characters (a ragtag group of women, children, outcasts and thieves) and resets them in to modern day America, giving these unknown voices a chance to finally tell their side of the story.

Featuring a haunting live score of gospel and blues, Testament is a compelling and human exploration of the dark underside of The Greatest Story Ever Told, a thrilling drama about a man whose father tried to sacrifice him, two sisters with a dark family secret and a man on death row whose cell mate claims to be the Messiah.

For more information about the Vault 2017 Festival go to vaultfestival.com

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