Revival of Sharon Byrne’s Irish black comedy, Gutted, set for UK tour

Sharon Byrne draws on her Dublin upbringing for Gutted, an Irish black comedy about the lives of three feisty women working in a fish factory in the 1980s, which is touring this October.

Exploring themes of family, trust, love and loss, Gutted touches on issues of domestic violence and abortion, which remain as relevant today as they were over 30 years ago.

Through comic monologue, the women, played by Eleanor Byrne, Niamh Finlay and Sarah Hosford, offer a snapshot of the characters and challenges in their lives at the time.

Gutted came from a play-writing initiative at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. The comedy sold out on its debut and was the highest selling show at The Marlowe Studio in 2017.

It went on to play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018. This production is directed by Chris White.

Sharon Byrne said: “Growing up close to a fish factory in Dublin, I was intrigued by the charismatic and resilient women who I’d see travelling to and from work there.

“They were tough, hard-working women, but they never stopped chatting and laughing.

“Life as a woman in Ireland still has its – often suppressed – challenges, and I felt compelled to raise awareness of these issues and help break the silence.”

Sharon Byrne has been a playwright and screenwriter for over 15 years. Her first play, Charlie’s Wake, was performed at the Finborough Theatre, Earls Court, in 2001. Sharon has written three plays, and two screenplays.


October 3-5, The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury
October 8, Second Space, The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
October 9, The Quay Theatre, Sudbury
October 10, The Mirren Studio, Basildon
October 11, Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith
October 12, The Churchill Studio, Bromley
October 14, The Pumphouse Theatre, Watford
October 15, The Hawth Studio, Crawley
October 16, Maud, Walthamstow E17
October 17, Astor Community Theatre, Deal
October 18, Old Town Hall Theatre, Hemel Hempstead
October 19, Exchange Studio at The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone
October 21, The Electric Theatre, Guildford
October 25, The Dugdale Studio Centre, London Road, Enfield
October 29-30, Omnibus Theatre, London, SW4.

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