Robin Cousins gets skates on to Milton Keynes Theatre

Robin Cousins

Ice superstar Robin Cousins brings his spectacular Ice – The Skating Stage Experience to Milton Keynes Theatre next week.

The Olympic champion and head judge on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, has hand-picked the greatest ice skaters from around the globe to bring his incredible new production to life.

Dynamic and atmospheric Robin Cousins’ Ice draws you into its unique world, where world class skaters glide, soar, flip and fly on a stage rather than in an open arena.

Ice features a powerful soundtrack of original music and reworked modern classics.

Robin Cousins’ Ice presents ice skating for a new generation with a dazzling show.

He said: “It’s been 30 years since I created Electric Ice which I took to the theatrical stage and changed the look of ice shows.

“I am very excited to bring the daring and dazzling world of figure skating back into an intimate theatrical setting.

“Both of my previous shows, Electric Ice and Ice Majesty, were created in the UK, and I’m very proud that the World Premiere of Robin Cousins’ Ice will happen here too.

“The show is not an adaptation of a ballet, or borrowed from the world of musical theatre. There are no judges, just the audience.

“It is a show where the choreography is driven by the music, where the movement has room to breathe, and the skaters can let their blades do the talking.

“To be able to move like a skater is every dancer’s dream. To be motionless, yet travelling at great speed. Skaters are able to soar across the frozen stage in ways a dancer can only dream of doing.

“I have been working ‘on ice’ for over 40 years, from my start in regional club competitions to World and Olympic Championships, choreography and performance for film, television, theatre and award winning arena Ice productions.

“Every new project brings its own challenges and I relish the chance to try something new with tried and tested ideas.

“I’m always pushing myself in new directions.”

Running from April 8 to 12.

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