Sex and politics exposed in Devil With The Blue Dress at the Bunker Theatre

The infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal rears its ugly head – just as current president Donald Trump is being accused of a string of flings with other women – in the premiere of Kevin Armento’s thrilling political drama Devil With The Blue Dress at London’s Bunker Theatre.

Directed by The Bunker’s artistic director Joshua McTaggart, this new drama probes America’s biggest political sex scandal to date – The Monica Lewinsky affair – which rocked a government and nearly claimed a president.

The production unfolds across two timelines – in 1995, when the affair took place, and in 1998 when it burst into the public domain and almost took down the Clinton presidency.

Armento’s dramatisation takes the public behind closed doors and along the corridors of power to The White House where it all took place.

Slyly retrieving the little blue dress that launched the biggest media circus of a generation, the five women who were at the centre of this infamous scandal meet on stage: The First Lady, a secretary, a daughter, a confidante, and an intern.

A theatrical battle emerges over how it all went down, who were the heroines and villains, and why, 20 years later, we’re only beginning to grapple with one of the most challenging questions in American political history: How do we respond to women seeking power, and the men who abuse that power?

Kevin Armento said: “England boasts such a rich tradition of political theatre and I’m thrilled to share this American story in that context at one of London’s most exciting new venues.

“This scandal was an even crazier spectacle than people remember and some of the most surprising details have been forgotten by history – in no small part because of who got to write that history.

“As both our countries pass through this major moment of cultural reckoning regarding abuses of power and the gender norms those abuses have enforced, it’s a story that merits new interrogation.

“The Bunker has been a fantastic partner in helping shape the play and setting a vision for how this unique spin on a political drama might unfold on stage”.

Devil With The Blue Dress stars Emma Handy (Handbagged, Tricyle Theatre; Miss Julie, Chichester Festival Theatre; Flare Path, Theatre Royal Haymarket); Dawn Hope (Follies, National Theatre; The Scottsboro Boys, Young Vic Theatre and Garrick Theatre); Daniella Isaacs (Hear Me Raw, Soho Theatre, Arcola Theatre); Flora Montgomery (Arcadia, English Touring Theatre) and Kristy Philipps (Hush, Paines Plough; Vera, ITV).

Devil With The Blue Dress runs at The Bunker Theatre from March 29 – April 28.

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