Sophie Ward to star in war drama Flowers Of The Forest


Sophie Ward is set to star in John Van Druten’s Flowers Of The Forest at the Jermyn Street Theatre, London from September 23.

Set in 1934 a nation is still suffering from the effects of the last war and is looking for ways to avoid another.

In their beautiful and tasteful Bedford Square, London, home Naomi and Lewis Jacklin live a contented, if unromantic, life of luxury.

But when her disapproving sister Mercia arrives unexpectedly one evening with some of Naomi’s old belongings, memories of the past, long since forgotten, flicker to life.

Flashback to a vicarage in Sussex in October 1914, and a final dinner before the men leave for conflict…

The 80th anniversary production of John van Druten’s Flowers Of The Forest is a timely reminder of the brutal effects of war and the fragility peace.

Directed by Jermyn’s artistic director Anthony Biggs, the play is a time-shift work, switching from the beginnings of the first major conflict of the 20th century to the period after.

Flowers Of The Forest explores themes of memory, loss and enduring love within a context of a world learning from past mistakes and searching for peaceful solutions as storm clouds gather on the horizon.

John Van Druten was one of the most popular playwrights of the inter-war and early post-war year periods and was best known for his works Bell, Book and Candle.

His other work includes Young Woodley and London Wall as well as the screenplay for the film Gaslight starring Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotton and Angela Lansbury.

The rest of the cast for Flowers Of The Forest are Patrick Drury, Victoria Rigby, Mark Straker, Gareth McLeod, Debra Penny, Max Wilson, Alwyne Taylor, Gabriel Vick and Daniel Fine.

Flowers Of The Forest runs from September 23-October 18.

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