Spymonkey let loose on a Feydeau farce at Royal & Derngate

Every Last Trick

You’re never sure what to expect with anarchic comic talents of the Spymonkey theatre company.

They’re loose cannons when allowed on a stage – but, by god, your sides will ache from laughing.

The crazy gang is back at the Royal & Derngate next week with the world première of Every Last Trick, a bold new adaptation by Tamsin Oglesby of a classic Feydeau farce.

Directed by Paul Hunter, this ingenious look at the game of infidelity and marriage takes to Northampton’s Royal stage from April 18 to May 10 and unites the comic talents Spymonkey with members from Told By An Idiot.

Based on Georges Feydeau’s Le Systeme Ribadier, first staged in 1892, the setting has been updated to the 1920s, where a charming politician and his glamorous new wife evoke a picture of marital bliss.

Her first husband was a liar and a cheat. Her second is a different batch of chromosomes altogether.

Not only is he chairman of the Feminist Forum but he clearly adores her. He says so, repeatedly, usually on Thursday nights when he goes out to ‘stretch his legs’.

Her suspicions are obviously hormonal. But when he resorts to illusion to maintain the delusion, well, there’s a lot of confusion.

If experience has taught her anything it’s the need to fight fire with fire, lies with more lies and every last trick with pure magic…

This comic marvel from the master of French farce has been given new life by playwright Tamsin Oglesby.

The cast features masters of clowning Toby Park and Aitor Basouri, joint artistic directors of Spymonkey, who have been seen Northampton most recently in Cooped, and previously in Royal & Derngate co-productions Oedipussy and Moby Dick.

They are joined by Sophie Russell, who has worked extensively for the RSC in plays such as The Comedy Of Errors, as well as appearing in a number of Told By An Idiot productions.

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