Stephen Joseph offers Aladdin and a hungry alien for Xmas!


The Stephen Joseph Theatre brings live music, songs, dancing and festive magic to Scarborough in its must-see show of the season, Aladdin.

Running from 1 December to 3 January, Andrew Pollard’s family Christmas fantasy, directed by Chris Monks, delivers a modern twist on a traditional tale.

Sven Gali, Norway’s answer to Simon Cowell, is not a happy bunny.

The only thing he needs to achieve his goal of world domination is the Mythical Magic Lamp, and he’s rich enough to buy all the electrical shops in China, so what’s the problem?

Higher powers have decreed that only one human being may be the first to touch the lamp – a scruffy street musician from the city of Kashgar: Aladdin Darzi.

But Aladdin has his own problems; he’s in love with Princess Badroulbadour and she’s about to marry an unscrupulous property developer, Mr Ghobad.

And then there’s not one but two Genies!

The Little Alien Who Ate Christmas

On 20 December, 10.30am, the theatre’s OutReach department presents a seasonal Tiny Time Tales special in The Little Alien Who Ate Christmas, written and directed by Cheryl Govan.

It’s nearly Christmas Day and Joey Perkins and little sister Janey are as giddy as goats until they discover that something rather unusual has crash-landed in their living room.

And it has eaten Christmas – the tree, the presents, the dinner and every Christmas cracker!

They need help to save Christmas Day. Plenty of participation, puzzle solving, singing, dancing and a visit from a special guest. For ages 2-7.

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