Stephen Tompkinson dishes the dirt in comic Pig Farm

pig farm

Where there’s muck there’s a laugh to be found. ‎Dead Posh Productions brings Greg Kotis’ Pig Farm to the St James Theatre, London, for its UK premiere later this month.

Starring Stephen Tompkinson this dark new farce is an hilarious tale of regular folk, human sludgery and the American dream dragged through the mud.

Life on the farm is hard. Under a pot-bellied sky, Tom and Tina, with just the help of hired hand Tim, are struggling for survival and it’s taking its toll.

In rehearsal.
Pig Farm in rehearsal.

Troubles simmer dangerously as they search for solace, then gun-toting Teddy (Tompkinson) arrives and things go from bad to worse.

Greg Kotis said: “I am thrilled beyond measure to be returning to London and the St James Theatre with Pig Farm.

“Every American playwright dreams of having his or her work brought to life on a London stage, and I feel very lucky indeed that this dream is coming true once again”.

“Pig Farm has a simmering comic intensity”, enthuses the shows young director, the aptly named Katharine Farmer. “I believe that it will be pitch-fork-perfect for British audiences!”

Cast: Stephen Tompkinson, Dan Fredenburgh, Erik Odom and Charlotte Parry.

Pig Farm runs at St James Theatre from October 21 – November 21.

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