Taken flight. Lost Watch Flew The Coop to London’s New Diorama Theatre

Lost Watch, the pioneering international theatre company behind the acclaimed 2015 Ed Fringe success, Goodstock, returns to London’s New Diorama Theatre next week to bring one of World War Two’s most extraordinary stories to the stage.

Flew The Coop is a brand new show about World War Two’s Even Greater Escape …based on a somewhat true story.

It that takes a darkly funny and highly imaginative look at two of the war’s most unusual characters: Rosa Rauchbach – a young woman who disguised her Jewish roots and took a job as a translator at a prisoner of war camp, and Horace Greasley, a debonair British Prisoner of War with whom she had an affair.

It’s 1943. Rosa Rauchbach and Horace Greasley are creating a little slice of history, and stealing a lot of chickens along the way.

The Rauchbach Greasley Association Society Club (RGASC, for short) will tell you all about it. They have a shared obsession with their two national heroes, a fierce pride in their country and only five members. Not that that’s going to stop them.

Rauchbach’s cunning and knowledge of the local area weren’t enough to help Greasley escape permanently but, legend has it, ensured that his two hundred escapes to meet her were not in vain.

Each time he sneaked back into the camp he was able to provide his fellow PoW’s with vital supplies secreted in from the outside world.

Together they smuggled in food, supplies and a whole radio in separate components and delivered them to over 1000 British captured troops…which is where the chickens come in.

Directed by Louise Skaaning and written by Rianna Dearden, Flew The Coop will blend direct storytelling with movement, music and clever practical effects to create a hilarious portrait of how life’s quirks can penetrate even the seemingly darkest of situations.

Since forming in 2013 Lost Watch have fast gained a reputation for finding the humour in dark and sensitive real life subject matter, one they will put to the test in navigating the minefields (so to speak) of Love, War, Suffering and National Identity to create Flew The Coop.

Cast: Rianna Dearden, Olivia Hirst, Agnes Wild, Dan Finn, Daniel Holme

Flew The Coop runs at the New Diorama Theatre from February 14-March 4.

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