The Factory produces unique version of Homer’s The Odyssey.

The Odyssey.

The Factory, in Peckham, gained a cult following in 2008 with guerrilla performances of Hamlet and on­the­fly Chekov.

Now the theatre company turns its sights to Homer’s epic.

The Odyssey is an interactive and immersive production: actors use improvisation, songs, dance, random instructions, personal experiences – and invites the audience to share their own stories, which are then woven into the evening’s show.

Actors and roles change from night to night and scene to scene. No two performances will be the same.

The Odyssey is being performed at CLF Art Café (aka The Bussey Building) in Peckham from tomorrow until September 6.

The production will be on each night at 7.30pm, with the exception of this Sunday.

Actor and the theatre’s artistic director Alex Hassell says: “The Factory seems to be a unique entity at this point in time because it is a company dedicated to ‘liveness’ above all else.

“Working toward this ideal requires great bravery, skill and vulnerability on the part of all involved.

“Seeing The Factory work at its best is like no other theatrical experience because of these qualities. I have seen how it can affect both those watching and those taking part.

“It is transformative, inspiring, breathtaking, heartfelt and magical. No other company allows an audience into its work with
such immediacy and open-heartedness”.

Since autumn 2010, over 150 actors, musicians, choreographers and writers have worked with The Factory and director Tim Carroll to bring the company’s unique spirit of spontaneity,
playfulness and imagination to The Odyssey.

The Factory has successfully fundraised nearly £7,000 to pay the cast for one week’s rehearsal through Indiegogo.

The Odyssey is a co-­production between The Factory and Creation Theatre Company.

The Factory was founded in 2007 and is an actor-­led company that seeks to redefine live theatre.

No sets, no costumes, no props. Just imagination, passion and a whole lot of spontaneity. Each performance is different for the audience and the actors.

Alex Hassell is currently appearing as Prince Hal in the RSC’s
productions of Henry IV Parts I & II in Stratford-­Upon-­Avon.

Tim Carroll is the associate director of The Factory, and the director of The Odyssey, who began his career with the English Shakespeare Company

The cast of The Odyssey is: Alex Bartram, Scott Brooksbank, Leila Crerar, Paul Jenkins, Stephanie Lane, Nell Mooney, Katie Morgan, Simon Muller, Marianne Oldham, Jonathan Oliver, James Oxley, Lizzie Phillips, Liz Richardson, Jethro Skinner and Bart van der Schaaf.

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