The Rose Playhouse welcomes 2015 with The Lark

The Lark. Photo by Robert Piwko
The Lark. Photo by Robert Piwko

The Rose Playhouse, Bankside’s first Tudor stage in the heart of London’s original theatre district, starts 2015 with history and blood as its theme.

Defiant Reality Theatre stages The Lark, Jean Anouilh’s epic tale of Joan Of Arc.

After a successful run at the Voila! Festival at London’s Cockpit Theatre in November, this ‘lively play that never drags’ transfers to the Rose Playhouse, Bankside for 11 new performances.

The Lark. Photos by

Joan Of Arc has become a universal symbol of faith, feminism and bravery but few people know her true story.

Surrounded by French, English and Holy Inquisition judges, Joan is moments away from being burned at the stake.

As death draws nearer, Joan’s life flashes before her eyes giving an insight into the key moments she remembers for one last time in a fast-paced medieval drama, full of wit, humour and tragedy.

Defiant Reality is pursuing its mission to have strong female roles take to the centre stage under the direction of women.

The company began life with a show about porn stars and its latest project is a bilingual version of The Lark.

Directed by Astrid Pons with original music composed by Nicola Chang the cast includes Maud Madlyn as the child-soldier, George Collie, Pip Gladwin, Samuel Heagney, Victoria Howden, Tristan Hyde, Lawrence Toye and Phil North.

The Lark runs at The Rose Playhouse, Bankside, from January 20-31.

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