Thriller tour reaches Aylesbury Waterside


Sensational Cleo Higgins, former lead singer of Cleopatra and Will i am’s unforgettable contestant on The Voice 2013, is starring in Thriller – Live at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre June 16-18.

Thriller – Live celebrates the music of the world’s greatest entertainer and undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.

The show has become the longest-running production in the Lyric Theatre’s 125-year history, and has now celebrated its fifth year at the venue by sending out a touring production.

This tour features the sensational Cleo Higgins as the lead female vocalist. Cleo was the lead singer of Cleopatra – the 1990’s pop group made up of three sisters from Manchester.

Signed to Madonna’s label Maverick when she was just 13, Cleopatra had three Top 10 hits, supported the Spice Girls, had two TV series and even performed concerts at the Vatican!

Cleopatra featured Cleo and her sisters Zainam and Yonah. Their debut album Comin Atcha! was released on Warners and led to three Top 5 hit singles in the UK – Cleopatra’s Theme, Life ain’t Easy and the Jackson 5 cover, I Want you Back.

Thriller-Live moonwalked into the West End in January 2009 after three acclaimed UK tours.

There have been several world tours since with the musical playing in 26 countries. It has just returned from a four- month run in Japan and a five-month run in Brazil.

Unlike other West End productions, Thriller -Live is not a rigid book musical with set songs, but is a constantly evolving music concert celebration.

It brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye-popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd.

The show has regularly been updated with additional songs, new visuals and choreography.

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