Tobacco Factory Theatres’ Godot tours to The Dukes & the Stephen Joseph

David Fielder & Colin Connor in Waiting For Godot. Images Mark Dawson Photography.

Tocacco Factory Theatres is touring its revival of Beckett’s iconic Waiting For Godot to Lancaster and Scarborough when it completes its opening run in Bristol.

When it was first performed in Paris in 1953, Waiting for Godot shook the foundations of the theatrical landscape at the time.

Brought to London by the late Sir Peter Hall, at its British premiere two years later the theatre critic Kenneth Tynan remarked that the play had ‘changed the rules of theatre’.

Tobacco Factory Theatres’ production of Waiting for Godot, starring Christopher Bianchi, Colin Connor, David Fielder and John Stahl, is currently playing in Bristol until Nov 4.

This enigmatic play is directed by Mark Rosenblatt, who was associate director at the West Yorkshire Playhouse from 2013 to 2016.

Mark said: “There aren’t many plays that make a splash in popular culture.

“It’s a high-wire act and yet it is written with such certainty and confidence, so precisely and with such brilliant comic patterns.

“It plays with the biggest universal ideas – hope, trying hard to get through life, filling time, purpose, wondering what it all means and how we use and abuse relationships.

“And yet, somehow – and I think this is where its magic really lies – it manages to do so in a way which resists explaining itself. It’s rich and specific and inexplicably about everything and nothing.”

This production marks a landmark moment for Tobacco Factory Theatres as a solo producer and looks ahead to the recently announced Factory Company season in spring 2018 and the creation by Tobacco Factory Theatres of its own company of actors.

Waiting for Godot can be seen at The Dukes, Lancaster, from November 7 – 11 and the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, November 22 – 25.

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