Torchlight Collective takes Liliom for a spin at Bread & Roses Theatre


There’s an international collaboration for Liliom, Hungarian playwright Molnár Ferenc’s troubling expressionistic masterpiece about two broken souls who find each other which opens at Clapham’s Bread & Roses Theatre on Tuesday.

Liliom is a carousel barker and Julie is a young serving girl. It is set in Budapest in the early 1900s and explores themes of being an out-lander, domestic abuse and the value of one human life.

The Torchlight Collective production seeks to answer the question: “What kind of world creates these two broken people?”

The venue will be transformed into a semi-immersive fairground, which becomes the backdrop to tell the story. Liliom: A Legend In Seven Scenes is best known as the source story for the musical Carousel.

Liliom, directed by Mark Modzelewski, has been adapted by Mark Jackson from an English translation by Benjamin F. Glazer.

The story follows Eastern European folktale structure, blending realism and fantasy.

Molnár’s mastery of dramatic technique, light comedy, and willingness to address difficult moral and ethical issues made him the most accomplished Hungarian writer of the early 20th century.

Cast: Blain Neale, Daniela Ologeau, Samantha Kamras, Regina Russell, Alariza Nevarez, Harold Addo and Laurence Bourne.

Liliom: A Legend In Seven Scenes runs at the Bread And Roses Theatre, Clapham, from August 25-29.

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