Unexpected Opera shrinks epic Wagner in The Rinse Cycle

The Rinse Cycle artwork

Wagner’s Ring Cycle is a test of endurance that can exhaust any but the hardiest opera fan. Watching the real thing will set you back four nights with a performance lasting more than 15 hours.

So sit back and enjoy The Rinse Cycle, Wagner’s epic Ring, conditioned with comedy and shrunk to just one evening.

Award-winning Unexpected Opera presents an entertaining take on Wagner’s masterpiece, in a comic play with highlights sung in English by five top performers. Expect magnificent music, great drama and unexpected fun.

Are you curious about Wagner and his famous Cycle but are reluctant to give up loads of time and dosh without knowing more? The Rinse Cycle is your chance to experience this amazing work – without taking it too seriously.

The show, which get its London premiere at Charing Cross Theatre from February 15 takes four operas and nearly 16 hours of music and shrinks it to just two hours and one easily digestible sitting…and it is has added comedy (not sure how Wagner would have greeted that!..ed).

They can’t promise it will be clean, but Unexpected Opera does promise to remove the cultural stains and encrusted stereotypes. Plus you’ll hear some of the Wagnerian opera stars of the future.

Unexpected Opera’s artistic director Lynn Binstock said: “As well as conveying the crucial elements of the story and offering an experience of Wagner’s music at a high level of quality, I’d like to give the audience some feel for the magnitude, richness, intellectual reach, complexity and sheer awesomeness of the Ring and its composer.”

Cast: Anna Gregory, Mae Heydorn, Edward Hughes, Cara McHardy, Paul Reeves, Simon Thorpe, Justine Viani, Brian Smith Walters, Harriet Williams, Mari Wyn Williams.

The Rinse Cycle runs at Charing Cross Theatre, London, from February 15-March 12.

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