Wild west comedy with Le Navet Bete at Jacksons Lane, Highgate

Le Navet Bete

Exeter’s very own award-winning physical comedy theatre company, Le Navet Bete, is hitting the dirt trail east to bring their own particular brand of clowning to the capital.

Their biggest show to date, Once Upon A Time In A Western, will be playing at Jacksons Lane arts centre, Highgate from May 7-10.

The company – if you’re wondering about the name it means A Daft Turnip – originally met at Plymouth University.

Since those heady days of student gigs they have gone on to tour
all over the UK and internationally with both indoor and outdoor performances.

The crazy production heading to London, promises to take audiences on an interactive, fast-paced ride across the Wild West.

The sleepy town of Kidneystone is threatened by outlaw and all-round bad guy, Loco Pedro, who is secretly in cahoots with the mayor to rob the town’s train of all its gold.

The show integrates live music, physical comedy, audience participation (there’s no escape), pistols at dawn and sugar glass bottles.

Once Upon A Time In A Western is directed by John Nicholson of acclaimed physical theatre company Peepolykus and creator of BBC Radio 4 drama Marley Was Dead.

The show has already toured extensively around the South-West including the Exeter Phoenix, Bristol’s Circomedia and the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth.

Nick Bunt, from the company, said: “We’re very excited to be coming to such a well-respected venue in London.

“Having performed the show to big success across the South-West it’s great to be able to come to the capital to perform.

“We love London audiences and it’s been four years since we last performed here with Serendipity at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

“We can’t wait to get back and show that high quality, professional and exciting work is being produced in the regions as well as in London.”

Adrian Berry, artistic director of Jacksons Lane, said: “Jacksons Lane is thrilled to welcome Le Navet Bete for the first time.

“As one of the fastest-rising circus and mime companies in the UK this will be a great opportunity for our audiences to experience their innovative physical comedy.”

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